Thursday, March 1, 2012

...puppy love

Hey there readers. Aka mom. I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. Things have just been crazy. Everything is going good. Classes are good and boring and I have homework nearly every night. Wrangler is good. In fact that was my topic for tonight. So I am definitely one of those crazy dog owners that treats their animals like children. Wrangler is my baby. I love him and worry about him just like I would a child. Last weekend was my first weekend apart from him. It was tough. My parents did so good with him though. Thank goodness I still live with them so he didn't have to be boarded. I didn't want to have to do that. Friday night,which was the first night I was gone, he stated at the door just sure I would walk in any minute. I'm going to hate having to leave him for 7 days at the end of march. I barely made it a weekend. My mom rolled her eyes at me because I left her a list. He and I have our little routines that we go through in the mornings and at night. I didn't want them to be messed up. When I came home this past Sunday he was do excited to see me. I even brought his favorite thing home with me. The huge bean bag from my friend's house that he loves to lay on. Too bad next time I leave and come back he won't have any gifts. Maybe I will get him a new toy? That seems so boring compared to a ginormous bean bag. If I ever start dating anyone they are going to have to love my dog too. Dog haters must be kicked to the curb immediately! We could go with someone with a cat since wrangler loves Spyke out little grey cat so much. But it kind of worries me when a guy my age has a cat. Is it a bad sign, strange, or completely normal? I think the first two are correct. Well off to bed. Thought I'd just check in. Night!!