Thursday, March 1, 2012

...puppy love

Hey there readers. Aka mom. I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. Things have just been crazy. Everything is going good. Classes are good and boring and I have homework nearly every night. Wrangler is good. In fact that was my topic for tonight. So I am definitely one of those crazy dog owners that treats their animals like children. Wrangler is my baby. I love him and worry about him just like I would a child. Last weekend was my first weekend apart from him. It was tough. My parents did so good with him though. Thank goodness I still live with them so he didn't have to be boarded. I didn't want to have to do that. Friday night,which was the first night I was gone, he stated at the door just sure I would walk in any minute. I'm going to hate having to leave him for 7 days at the end of march. I barely made it a weekend. My mom rolled her eyes at me because I left her a list. He and I have our little routines that we go through in the mornings and at night. I didn't want them to be messed up. When I came home this past Sunday he was do excited to see me. I even brought his favorite thing home with me. The huge bean bag from my friend's house that he loves to lay on. Too bad next time I leave and come back he won't have any gifts. Maybe I will get him a new toy? That seems so boring compared to a ginormous bean bag. If I ever start dating anyone they are going to have to love my dog too. Dog haters must be kicked to the curb immediately! We could go with someone with a cat since wrangler loves Spyke out little grey cat so much. But it kind of worries me when a guy my age has a cat. Is it a bad sign, strange, or completely normal? I think the first two are correct. Well off to bed. Thought I'd just check in. Night!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 technology and learning new things.

So I realized tonight as I was booting up my laptop I haven't used it in quite a while. I check everything on my phone. Emails, Facebook, blog, grades. The only thing I need a computer for is to do online homework and printing off notes. But usually I do those while I'm on campus since they have nice computers.

Today I learned a little about hieroglyphics in western civ. I spelled my name and I'm hoping it's right. It prolly says some crazy thing in real life but oh well. I think it's pretty cool.

Well I have a test to study for : total wellness. It should be fairly easy. Night everyone.

My computer. The poor thing. Yes that is a singer sewing machine as the desktop image. Yes I did take the picture.

Sunday, January 29, 2012 cold

Today I went fishing with my dad and one of his friends out on the lake. It was cold today but it was going to be my first time back on the lake since I was little and first time fishing with my license so I was pretty excited to be going. I had on thermals and my coveralls( which are too short for me but they still kept me warm) and a hoodie. We sat out in the cold for at least 4 and a half hours and caught nothing. I was hoping to catch a catfish since that's what we really went out there for but nothing was latching on to the hooks. Oh well there is always next time. Maybe it will be warmer.

So ever since we got home I have wanted a cold, slushie, beverage. So I put my Gatorade in the freezer and by the time I remembered it it was completely frozen. That was a fail.

But right now I'm in bed with wrangler. His cold nose keeps poking me on the knee. Maybe he is telling me to go to bed. That sounds like a great idea. Night all!

This picture is from the other day. Isn't he so cute!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 tumbling

Well tonight was my first night of tumbling. I only fell once. It was like rising a bike almost. You never really forget. I was shocked I could still do half of the things I did tonight. Like handstands. I have never been good at those but I did them and only fell out of one of them and that's only because j was trying to walk forward and ended up losing my balance. I feel like I've already lost like 5 pounds. I am so shaky and it feels like I am using every muscle in my arm to write this post but it feels awesome. I've missed the feeling of actually doing something that makes you shaky and feel like you can't get up but you push through it and your legs turn to noodles. I know I will be hating it for the next couple of days when I am extremely sore. I'm not going to lie I will probably use the elevator to go to my class on the third floor. Either that or I will get a thirty minute head start on it and push through the pain. I think that would e better. Hopefully it's not too bad. I came home tonight and drank a glass of oj and ate a banana ( two things I never do) and drank at least 8 oz of water. I can't tell the exact measurement. But now I've got some ibuprofen in my system and the heating pad on. Im hoping it won't be horrible tomorrow. Things to remember before next weeks class that I need: wrist wraps. My wrists are killing me. Especially the one I broke in middle school. I don't think it healed right. Another thing would probably be a new inhaler since I found out tonight mine is about empty. At least I only needed it once. Well time for bed. I guess you will find out if I right tomorrow how I feel. Night!

The picture tonight is some photography from the summer. It movement and I thought since tumbling is movement why not. Maybe I will take a video at tumbling when I get better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 orange juice.

I used to not drink orange juice. Like there is just something about it that grossed me out. I don't know if it was the pulp or if it was too sour. Or maybe because every time I tried to drink a glass it was right after I brushed my teeth and if you haven't had the misfortune to have gone through that don't do it!! It is nasty. Gatorade is the same way. At least the fruit punch one which is the only flavor I will drink. And it can't be g2 because that has the consistency of hot jello. I know weird. But back to orange juice. Last night at Walmart with my mom I decided that I wanted orange juice. We just bought the cheap in a carton oj. I drank 2 glasses tonight. I am shocked and proud of myself. Besides the piece of brownie I had today I did fairly well on eating better today. I had Cheerios for breakfast, a protein shake and some guacamole ( I know weird combo) the. We had blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs ( which speaking of things I never eat. I hate eggs. And I actually ate a scoop of scrambles eggs. They had to have some cheese melted on them but they were still eggs. Oh and I love cheese too. I could put it on everything. ) and sausage and bacon. Not too bad. So tomorrow I am going to start going I the adult tumbling class with my older sister. This should be interesting. I haven't really done any tumbling since middle school. And I quit right before I broke my wrist. Then knee problems came in high school. But I'm going to get motivated and go no matter what. I also might swim on Saturdays at the college pool since it is open swim all day. Well that's it for tonight. I have to get up early for m dentist appt. night all.

Monday, January 23, 2012

... In Mondays.

So I had this blog going before but Apparently it doesn't save blogs as drafts. Poo. It wasn't that great of a blog so I guess I can start over.

Today was a Monday and not just in the it is literally Monday but just one of those blah it's Monday ugh kind of days. Everyone should know what I mean. But things today were just sluggish and blah. I was almost late to wellness, which only lasted 30 min , algebra sucked as always but that is just because I hate math. Lit was just boring today because I already ha the assignment done and then the short story we were going over I've went over in other English classes like a million times.

So tonight my mom ( oh hi mom!!i know you are my only follower. Haha) and I went searching for dog food for wrangler and daisy since they can't eat the same thing as duke. We had a certain kind we were looking for and it was supposedly at Walmart. We get there and they had it but in a huge bag. Which we didn't want. We then finished our shopping and went to tractor supply to look for the brand we didn't find at Walmart. Well they got rid of that brand at tsc. Great so now we have this health stuff. That doesn't smell as bad as the sensitive stomach salmon stuff that they were on.hopefully wrangler can keep it down.

Well I am pooped from my blah Monday. I'm headed to bed. Night everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2012 the random moose in my bathroom?

Okay so I'm not really the biggest fan of moose( mooses...meese?) but I bought this cheap moose hand soap dispenser after Christmas a year ago and I have to admit I love my moose. He had a little Santa hat with a jingle bell on the end that is packed away with all my other stuff from college that never got unpacked. Oh well. But back to the moose. He doesn't have a name or anything but I think he needs one. But he is the only cute moose I've seen so there is no way I'm converting to having moose ( see that just sounds wrong) being my favorite animal. Oh and if you are wondering my favorite animal is a turtle. That's it for today. Night!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012 being a kid sometimes

So every now and then I like to watch kids movies. I know I'm a bit strange. But I am loving the princess diaries right now. I read the books an love the movies. Anne Hathaway is a wonderful actress. I just love the whole fairy tale princess story. But what girl doesn't??

Mom and I watches the notebook tonight. We missed the first part which to me is the best part. The last half is just sad and I bawled at the end when they died in each others arms. Sorry that was a spoiler to anyone that hadn't seen it or read the book.

Oh so I have found the blogger app for the iPhone so maybe I can keep up with my blog a little better. I could blog between classes now. :) I'm supposed to be able to upload photos somehow. So I might try that.

Well I'm off to watch the rest of the princess diaries and go to bed. Night all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

...saying one more thing.

Oh and also: the jello in the previous post, you know the one about jello , yea don't buy that. It's nasty and doesn't stay set up. It melted and became a Mixture of liquid and jello. It was like jiggly water with food coloring. So wrong and so nasty. Okay that's it. checking in.

Yes I am still alive. I know I haven't been writing like I said I would but with school, work , and homework it can be a bit stressful and im trying to get as much sleep as possible( which if you know me can be hard sometimes and easier others. Like on the weekends when I nap on the couch because I'm too tired to do anything. ) but classes have been great so far. It's just all my professors seem to be piling on the homework. It's only been the first week and I've already had like 10 assignments due for 5 classes. I guess that's when you know you are truly in college. There is no slacking here. But I do enjoy my geology and western civ class that I have on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I wish they were every single day. The class I hate most is college algebra. I am horrible at math. Give me English and history and science any day. I would rather have my blood drawn and get shots all in one day than have to deal with math. Random fact about me I hate needles. I hate getting blood drawn but I have to get it drawn every couple of months or so for my thyroid tests. But ive gotten better about them. However shots are another story. The last shot I got was for menengitus (sp?) like 2 years ago. And they put a latex bandaid on me without asking if I was allergic to latex, which I am. Ugh. That still makes me mad. But I'm ranting because I'm tired. And I have a headache. Oh and they put peppers on my nachos tonight. Big no no. My food had a weird twang to it. It was strange. Ok. That was more ranting. Night everyone. Sorry of there are spelling and grammar issues. iPhone typing is hard. Night.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 school

Sorry readers. I keep meaning to blog but I have been trying to get to bed as early as I can do I can get some good sleep since I have to be up around 7 everyday now. classes have started back up and I've got a tough semester ahead of me. I can already tell my college algebra class is going to be tough. But I'm not good at math. Lit will go by good. Geology I'm not so sure and I don't know about western civ either. Total wellness should be easy though.

Sorry about not posting any pictures the past couple of posts. Maybe my next post will just be all of the pictures I've been meaning to post.

Sunday, January 15, 2012 being tired

I am sorry readers. This is late. And I'm no going to write much since I have class early in the morning but I will just let you know my weekend with my friends was amazing. Wrangler loved running around the backyard with her Aussie and little Heinz pup. He is tuckered out after our 2.5 hour drive home today and so am I. I have an idea for my post tomorrow so I will write as soon as possible. No procrastinating. Yet. Night all.

Ps this was supposed to be Sundays post.

Friday, January 13, 2012 having a good weekend.

I know I didn't blog yesterday and the only reason I am writing today is so I can tell you that I will not be writing anymore till Sunday. So goodbye everyone. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...writing nothing because I'm trying to pack

I have nothing to say about today really.white lightning , my car, got new tires today. I got told my photography looked like a professionals and Walmart almost needed to see copyright papers untill I told her it was my photography. Yay me. And now I'm packing for an awesome weekend that I will be spending with my bestie. Can't wait. So night everyone. Sorry about this short post. Oh and the next 3 posts will be short too. Sorry and night.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 jello?

yep you heard me just right.i said jello.thats because i made jello tonight.not just any kind of jello though....strawberry daiquiri flavored jello.its epic.this is my first time making jello so i had to photograph this moment in my life to later look back on and laugh that i was 20 years old and have never made jello.haha

so i started out with the packet.yea we found strawberry daiquiri and margarita jello walmart!they also have pina colada flavored jello but they were sold out.these are limited time only flavors and i will be sad to see them leave.

i had to boil the water.i hate boiling takes forever but that is probably because i check it like every 5 seconds.a watched pot never boils...i hate that saying.because it is so true.

the powder.i took a little lick of it...not so good.

it is in the pan!!yay i made it this far without any problems.however this is where everything went downhill.i read the instructions and they said to cool for 4 hours in the fridge.but i thought oh i could cut that in half by putting it in the i did.and this is what i got:

yea its kind of looked like mold at first and i just didnt understand how it could get mold on it and then i touched it and it didnt even jiggle :(
however it was easier to cut into chunks and put in a different container.

well that was my jello experience.

 this is the jello project i want to do for the fourth of july (red and blue jello cubes with the white jello around it). i wont freeze it when i make it though.haha

have a great night/day everyone!

Monday, January 9, 2012 having nothing to say

i dont have alot to write today.i forgot what i was wanting to write about so my mind is kind of blank.

Just finished watching the bcs national title game.alabama won if you didnt already wasn't "the game of the century" just so everyone knows. it started out with field goal after field goal. this was kind of like the first game except lsu didnt score at all.and there was an actual touchdown!

so tonight since i dont have much i will post a youtube video and a picture to hopefully makeup for my lack of words.

my favorite song at this moment in to love luke bryan:

since i wore a hat today i decided to put it on wrangler to see what he would do with it.well here is the adorable picture that i got tonight

isn't he adorable???he ran off with it after i took these pictures.needless to say i ran to get it back since it is my favorite hat.

well night everyone!

Sunday, January 8, 2012 pocket change

Tonight I asked my parents for a quarter so i could get some gum from the gumball machine (yes i am 20 yrs old and i still eat dinner with my parents and get should see me with a coloring book) and neither of them had a quarter and i was content on not getting a gumball however the guy that was taking our money at the cash register (of course we know him sort of) got in the register and handed me a quarter. it was so unexpected and i was slightly in shock but i thanked him and took it to the gumball machine and stuck it in. i hoped that it wasn't a purple or blue (since those colors are nasty tasting and turn your mouth colors) and out comes a pink (which is my favorite) it was like that was my lucky quarter. that quarter was so nicely given to me and then it gave me my favorite flavor. coincidence? maybe

but now im looking at my little stash of money that im trying to collect so i have enough for a deposit on a house. and im just looking at all the loose coins. what to do with them. they can do so much yet so little at the same time. i keep thinking of that commercial where you can feed a starving child for 50 cents a day (i would rather volunteer somewhere local than give my money to something like this because i dont trust some of the people that put these on.if they have enough money to air that commercial so many times a day why aren't they using that money to feed the starving children?what about the starving people in america?can we not focus on our own country for once?sorry i have issues on that topic). i could feed a kid for at least a week. but there is that selfish side (that everyone has so don't tell me im extremely selfish for thinking this) that says your car needs to get washed this week before you leave to visit your friend. see what i mean that it can do alot or a little? that kid will be full for a week and my car will be clean for a couple of days (until i come home and the dirt gets all over it again). 

aren't we all pocket change in a way though? in big numbers we can do alot but just one person, well they would have to be like a gold dollar to actually get noticed. but even the president has his pocket full of coins that help him out.

dont mind the hair in this i said its falling out like crazy and i didnt realize it was in the picture till i got it on the computer.

it also aggravates me that the penny is bigger than the dime and it costs the least.and the dime is more than the nickel but still the smallest.

well that is it for tonight.i know it was kind of random but thats been my mood today.

Saturday, January 7, 2012 friends and family

I can't talk today so i probably cant type as well. so be warned. oh and i wont be using caps tonight either. if this bothers you stop reading now.

well today was a really great day. it was my nieces first birthday party that all the family and friends could come and celebrate. she loves balloons. like the shiny ones that you can see your reflection in. they start with an m but i've never really known what they are called. i just ask for the number or that balloon right there but in so and so color. back to the party though. she just had a good time. the smash cake only got slightly smashed.
<<cake   |  pretty smile>>

tonight i had dinner with my future roommate. we are looking for houses and we found a potential one tonight so we are both pretty excited. we just had a good time and had a good chat over some amazing mexican food (have i mentioned that is my favorite food....EVER! i seriously think i could eat mexican food every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. that is love right there.haha) 

then i went to the casino with my parents.i didnt win or lose so that was good but the highlight of my night was getting a call from my best friend who lives in another town and she is just being all silly and stuff and then i finally figure out she is drunk. she is so funny when she is drunk. but needless to say i've been called twice and i have now turned my phone on silent so if she calls later and im asleep it will go straight to voicemail (then she will leave me one and we can have some good laughs on thursday when i go visit her.haha).

Well wrangler is pawing at my back telling me it's time for night ya'll.

Friday, January 6, 2012 country

Not just the music but the place. I realize I don't live in the boonies like a lot of true country folk but I do not live in town by any means. There are cows across the road from me. However, we are fortunate to live on a paved road. But still being able to look up into the sky at night and see all the stars. Or on a night like tonight where the clouds are just these little puffs that remind me of flowers in a field and the moon has this eerie ring around it. It's just nice. Then there is the beauty of being able to stand in the backyard and just look towards town and seeing all the lights and the grain elevator all lit up and the slight purple tint that the lights give to the sky it's just pretty and peaceful. When I was little I was always scared of the animals, like the coyotes and possoms(even though I'm still not a fan of them). But i love hearing the lonesome howls of the coyotes and then the dogs start to pitch in. Not ours usually but the ones down the road and it just makes me smile. These will be things I miss when I move out. I'm keeping this post short tonight because I'm really into this book and I want to finish it tonight but I have pictures tonight!yay me for almost being on top of things!!

sorry my camera didnt want to stay still

creepy backyard

the moon

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's was boring. I woke up and cleaned on the bathroom. I never realized until today how much hair I actually lose. I realize part of it is from my thyroid being all out of wack and the constant stress of school and work that makes it fall out but still. That was a ton of hair.

I have revive my love for red dirt music today. I think I like that genre of music so much because it deals alot with life, love , heartache. Like the real stuff. Not that crap that they put in pop music.

I really have nothing else to write today. I'm writing this on my iPhone so I can't upload a picture. If I think about it I will add one later.night blogging world.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

...that this is 32 minutes late but oh well

Well I realize this post is technically on the 5th but I'm going to make it for the 4th because I'm the writer of this blog and I can say it is.haha.


The first picture is the day or day after she was born. She was still in the hospital. All the others were taken from today(the 4th) at the family gathering. She loves her mom's iphone. She makes faces at it. The picture of her with the cake-that is the "mmm" face. Too cute.

So today was my nieces first birthday. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital visiting her. Trying to decide if her hair was red or blonde. We still have that debate today but it is mostly blonde(expect in odd lighting and in pictures).Today we had a little get together with close family to celebrate her birthday. Her parents got her a cake to smash in her face and do whatever else she thought she should do with it. Well let me just say she has more manners than to smash a whole piece of cake in her face. She just kept getting little bits of the frosting and ate it. Eventually it did get all over her face and arms but it took quite some time. She thought it was good. She kept going "mmmm" and giving this cute little smile. 

That's it for today really. Nothing too exciting happened. New episodes of my shows are airing this week(that's partly why I am so late on this post.that and watching dear john-i love that movie.makes me cry every time).I really have too many shows and it gets hard to follow but I am addicted to alot of them.If fox,fx,abc,abc family,or history channel ever go off I might have a heart attack. Well I would be sad at least. Okay well goodbye all! Maybe I will get in a post earlier tomorrow. Hahaha.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...that I am already doing bad with this project

Well I failed to take a picture with my camera. However I did take a picture with my iphone if i could only figure out how to upload it to this blog. Haha that might be a bit of a challenge for me since technology and i are not on the same page alot of the time. Well I understand technology, it just hates me and decides to break.Oh well moving on.

So today was fairly boring. I didn't have to work, I sat around with my dogs just chillin(does anyone use that word anymore or am i just lame?) and watching the Switched at Birth marathon. I love that show. I dont think it is so much the switched at birth story line but the whole deaf story line. I love sign language. I think it is beautiful how signers use their hands and bodys and can convey just as much as someone that speaks english. It's just amazing. I hope to learn it some day. I know some random words and phrases like thank you and yes/no.

Other than sitting at home I went into town to run some errands and to go see my niece. The first thing on my list was to stop at the bank. There was a huge line since it is the first of the month. But that really doesn't have anything to do with my story. There was an older woman in front of me. There was something off about her just by the way she looked but when she spoke I knew she had to be mentally ill but I still couldn't help but stifle a giggle. As I'm standing about 6 feet away from her she looks to her left (where no one is standing) and starts talking to the air. It was like she still had an imaginary friend. But she was bickering with it almost. The only thing I got out of her conversation was "I will not fall to Hilary Clinton's wrath!" (this was where I laughed a little). Then she is going on and on about insurance and her social security card. It was nuts. But then I thought back when I was a kid and asked myself, Did I have an imaginary friend? And I've been thinking about that all day and I can't recall having one. Maybe I should pretend I have one tomorrow just for grins...hmm maybe.

Scarlett, my niece, was adorable as ever. We had a arguement (just with words) but of course I couldn't understand her baby gibberish and she was clearly trying to tell me I was wrong. What was this arguement about you ask? Well I was trying to get her to say auntie and she would just shake her head and say "ma ba". Everytime I asked her to say auntie she would give the same response. I have no idea what is going through that kids' head. Tomorrow is her birthday so that should be interesting.

Well I think that is it for this post.

Oh I bought these awesome saloon doors today. I know random but they are supposed to go in the dining room(on the wall as decoration).

OK! have a great day/night.
and in honor of winning the fiesta bowl here is one of my old pictures.go pokes!

Monday, January 2, 2012 happiness and happy thoughts

Today we had the joy of having my niece come over for a little while her parents went shopping for her birthday which is in 2 days. She is such a funny girl. She played with bubbles for awhile and chased Wrangler(my cavalier, pictured below) around. When she is in a great mood it is such a wonderful thing to be around. She just talks in her little baby talk(she knows words too).

Now on to this thing. He is spoiled rotten. I got him back in October from a rescue. He is a purebred cavalier king charles spaniel. He has everything he could ever want now. So you think he would be the best dog ever right? WRONG. This pup would stay outside and walk the fence line and play with the cat ALL DAY LONG if I would let him. He will not come in when I holler for him. But still, its little things like looking at me with that adorable face and resting his head on a squeaky toy or sock that he has been chewing on. But this picture here: he looks so old and wise. And thoughtful. I wonder what he is thinking about. Hopefully not thinking of his next troublesome deed. Silly puppy.

Oh and OSU won the fiesta bowl.Orange Power.

Sunday, January 1, 2012 the end of something old

As 2011 comes to pass I reflected a little on the things that happened throughout the year.Alot went on.I changed from a 4 year college to a small 2 year college. I worked as an RA over the summer for high school kids. I fell in love. I got my heart broken. I've been disappointed. I worked my butt off for a class...and made an A. I changed my mind. Like a million different times. I've made plans and then replaced them with new ones. I have had good news, great news, and bad news. I gained a niece that I adore. I made new friends, said goodbye to some, and made some great memories with the ones I still have. I found a new hobby. I've found out who (and what) really matters to me most.
I made a new plan that I'm going to stick to. I know I can do it.

Some new years resolutions:
Take better care of myself: That means losing the weight I gained from my thyroid problems. Taking my medicine(on time everyday). Getting into a better sleep schedule(I know I'm getting off on the wrong foot since this was posted a little later than I thought I would do this). Taking vitamins (so I dont get sick this spring).
Doing everything I can to make my plans a reality(getting a home with my friend and going back to a 4 year college and FINISH with a bachelors)
Take a picture a day.And maybe doing some photo shoots for some people.
Take life a day at a time. Have FUN!

My first attempt at shooting the moon with my new camera.I even got a star in there.

this post is meant for jan 1st.sorry its late.