Thursday, March 1, 2012

...puppy love

Hey there readers. Aka mom. I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. Things have just been crazy. Everything is going good. Classes are good and boring and I have homework nearly every night. Wrangler is good. In fact that was my topic for tonight. So I am definitely one of those crazy dog owners that treats their animals like children. Wrangler is my baby. I love him and worry about him just like I would a child. Last weekend was my first weekend apart from him. It was tough. My parents did so good with him though. Thank goodness I still live with them so he didn't have to be boarded. I didn't want to have to do that. Friday night,which was the first night I was gone, he stated at the door just sure I would walk in any minute. I'm going to hate having to leave him for 7 days at the end of march. I barely made it a weekend. My mom rolled her eyes at me because I left her a list. He and I have our little routines that we go through in the mornings and at night. I didn't want them to be messed up. When I came home this past Sunday he was do excited to see me. I even brought his favorite thing home with me. The huge bean bag from my friend's house that he loves to lay on. Too bad next time I leave and come back he won't have any gifts. Maybe I will get him a new toy? That seems so boring compared to a ginormous bean bag. If I ever start dating anyone they are going to have to love my dog too. Dog haters must be kicked to the curb immediately! We could go with someone with a cat since wrangler loves Spyke out little grey cat so much. But it kind of worries me when a guy my age has a cat. Is it a bad sign, strange, or completely normal? I think the first two are correct. Well off to bed. Thought I'd just check in. Night!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 technology and learning new things.

So I realized tonight as I was booting up my laptop I haven't used it in quite a while. I check everything on my phone. Emails, Facebook, blog, grades. The only thing I need a computer for is to do online homework and printing off notes. But usually I do those while I'm on campus since they have nice computers.

Today I learned a little about hieroglyphics in western civ. I spelled my name and I'm hoping it's right. It prolly says some crazy thing in real life but oh well. I think it's pretty cool.

Well I have a test to study for : total wellness. It should be fairly easy. Night everyone.

My computer. The poor thing. Yes that is a singer sewing machine as the desktop image. Yes I did take the picture.

Sunday, January 29, 2012 cold

Today I went fishing with my dad and one of his friends out on the lake. It was cold today but it was going to be my first time back on the lake since I was little and first time fishing with my license so I was pretty excited to be going. I had on thermals and my coveralls( which are too short for me but they still kept me warm) and a hoodie. We sat out in the cold for at least 4 and a half hours and caught nothing. I was hoping to catch a catfish since that's what we really went out there for but nothing was latching on to the hooks. Oh well there is always next time. Maybe it will be warmer.

So ever since we got home I have wanted a cold, slushie, beverage. So I put my Gatorade in the freezer and by the time I remembered it it was completely frozen. That was a fail.

But right now I'm in bed with wrangler. His cold nose keeps poking me on the knee. Maybe he is telling me to go to bed. That sounds like a great idea. Night all!

This picture is from the other day. Isn't he so cute!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 tumbling

Well tonight was my first night of tumbling. I only fell once. It was like rising a bike almost. You never really forget. I was shocked I could still do half of the things I did tonight. Like handstands. I have never been good at those but I did them and only fell out of one of them and that's only because j was trying to walk forward and ended up losing my balance. I feel like I've already lost like 5 pounds. I am so shaky and it feels like I am using every muscle in my arm to write this post but it feels awesome. I've missed the feeling of actually doing something that makes you shaky and feel like you can't get up but you push through it and your legs turn to noodles. I know I will be hating it for the next couple of days when I am extremely sore. I'm not going to lie I will probably use the elevator to go to my class on the third floor. Either that or I will get a thirty minute head start on it and push through the pain. I think that would e better. Hopefully it's not too bad. I came home tonight and drank a glass of oj and ate a banana ( two things I never do) and drank at least 8 oz of water. I can't tell the exact measurement. But now I've got some ibuprofen in my system and the heating pad on. Im hoping it won't be horrible tomorrow. Things to remember before next weeks class that I need: wrist wraps. My wrists are killing me. Especially the one I broke in middle school. I don't think it healed right. Another thing would probably be a new inhaler since I found out tonight mine is about empty. At least I only needed it once. Well time for bed. I guess you will find out if I right tomorrow how I feel. Night!

The picture tonight is some photography from the summer. It movement and I thought since tumbling is movement why not. Maybe I will take a video at tumbling when I get better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 orange juice.

I used to not drink orange juice. Like there is just something about it that grossed me out. I don't know if it was the pulp or if it was too sour. Or maybe because every time I tried to drink a glass it was right after I brushed my teeth and if you haven't had the misfortune to have gone through that don't do it!! It is nasty. Gatorade is the same way. At least the fruit punch one which is the only flavor I will drink. And it can't be g2 because that has the consistency of hot jello. I know weird. But back to orange juice. Last night at Walmart with my mom I decided that I wanted orange juice. We just bought the cheap in a carton oj. I drank 2 glasses tonight. I am shocked and proud of myself. Besides the piece of brownie I had today I did fairly well on eating better today. I had Cheerios for breakfast, a protein shake and some guacamole ( I know weird combo) the. We had blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs ( which speaking of things I never eat. I hate eggs. And I actually ate a scoop of scrambles eggs. They had to have some cheese melted on them but they were still eggs. Oh and I love cheese too. I could put it on everything. ) and sausage and bacon. Not too bad. So tomorrow I am going to start going I the adult tumbling class with my older sister. This should be interesting. I haven't really done any tumbling since middle school. And I quit right before I broke my wrist. Then knee problems came in high school. But I'm going to get motivated and go no matter what. I also might swim on Saturdays at the college pool since it is open swim all day. Well that's it for tonight. I have to get up early for m dentist appt. night all.

Monday, January 23, 2012

... In Mondays.

So I had this blog going before but Apparently it doesn't save blogs as drafts. Poo. It wasn't that great of a blog so I guess I can start over.

Today was a Monday and not just in the it is literally Monday but just one of those blah it's Monday ugh kind of days. Everyone should know what I mean. But things today were just sluggish and blah. I was almost late to wellness, which only lasted 30 min , algebra sucked as always but that is just because I hate math. Lit was just boring today because I already ha the assignment done and then the short story we were going over I've went over in other English classes like a million times.

So tonight my mom ( oh hi mom!!i know you are my only follower. Haha) and I went searching for dog food for wrangler and daisy since they can't eat the same thing as duke. We had a certain kind we were looking for and it was supposedly at Walmart. We get there and they had it but in a huge bag. Which we didn't want. We then finished our shopping and went to tractor supply to look for the brand we didn't find at Walmart. Well they got rid of that brand at tsc. Great so now we have this health stuff. That doesn't smell as bad as the sensitive stomach salmon stuff that they were on.hopefully wrangler can keep it down.

Well I am pooped from my blah Monday. I'm headed to bed. Night everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2012 the random moose in my bathroom?

Okay so I'm not really the biggest fan of moose( mooses...meese?) but I bought this cheap moose hand soap dispenser after Christmas a year ago and I have to admit I love my moose. He had a little Santa hat with a jingle bell on the end that is packed away with all my other stuff from college that never got unpacked. Oh well. But back to the moose. He doesn't have a name or anything but I think he needs one. But he is the only cute moose I've seen so there is no way I'm converting to having moose ( see that just sounds wrong) being my favorite animal. Oh and if you are wondering my favorite animal is a turtle. That's it for today. Night!!