Wednesday, January 25, 2012 tumbling

Well tonight was my first night of tumbling. I only fell once. It was like rising a bike almost. You never really forget. I was shocked I could still do half of the things I did tonight. Like handstands. I have never been good at those but I did them and only fell out of one of them and that's only because j was trying to walk forward and ended up losing my balance. I feel like I've already lost like 5 pounds. I am so shaky and it feels like I am using every muscle in my arm to write this post but it feels awesome. I've missed the feeling of actually doing something that makes you shaky and feel like you can't get up but you push through it and your legs turn to noodles. I know I will be hating it for the next couple of days when I am extremely sore. I'm not going to lie I will probably use the elevator to go to my class on the third floor. Either that or I will get a thirty minute head start on it and push through the pain. I think that would e better. Hopefully it's not too bad. I came home tonight and drank a glass of oj and ate a banana ( two things I never do) and drank at least 8 oz of water. I can't tell the exact measurement. But now I've got some ibuprofen in my system and the heating pad on. Im hoping it won't be horrible tomorrow. Things to remember before next weeks class that I need: wrist wraps. My wrists are killing me. Especially the one I broke in middle school. I don't think it healed right. Another thing would probably be a new inhaler since I found out tonight mine is about empty. At least I only needed it once. Well time for bed. I guess you will find out if I right tomorrow how I feel. Night!

The picture tonight is some photography from the summer. It movement and I thought since tumbling is movement why not. Maybe I will take a video at tumbling when I get better.

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