Monday, January 23, 2012

... In Mondays.

So I had this blog going before but Apparently it doesn't save blogs as drafts. Poo. It wasn't that great of a blog so I guess I can start over.

Today was a Monday and not just in the it is literally Monday but just one of those blah it's Monday ugh kind of days. Everyone should know what I mean. But things today were just sluggish and blah. I was almost late to wellness, which only lasted 30 min , algebra sucked as always but that is just because I hate math. Lit was just boring today because I already ha the assignment done and then the short story we were going over I've went over in other English classes like a million times.

So tonight my mom ( oh hi mom!!i know you are my only follower. Haha) and I went searching for dog food for wrangler and daisy since they can't eat the same thing as duke. We had a certain kind we were looking for and it was supposedly at Walmart. We get there and they had it but in a huge bag. Which we didn't want. We then finished our shopping and went to tractor supply to look for the brand we didn't find at Walmart. Well they got rid of that brand at tsc. Great so now we have this health stuff. That doesn't smell as bad as the sensitive stomach salmon stuff that they were on.hopefully wrangler can keep it down.

Well I am pooped from my blah Monday. I'm headed to bed. Night everyone!

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