Wednesday, January 4, 2012

...that this is 32 minutes late but oh well

Well I realize this post is technically on the 5th but I'm going to make it for the 4th because I'm the writer of this blog and I can say it is.haha.


The first picture is the day or day after she was born. She was still in the hospital. All the others were taken from today(the 4th) at the family gathering. She loves her mom's iphone. She makes faces at it. The picture of her with the cake-that is the "mmm" face. Too cute.

So today was my nieces first birthday. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital visiting her. Trying to decide if her hair was red or blonde. We still have that debate today but it is mostly blonde(expect in odd lighting and in pictures).Today we had a little get together with close family to celebrate her birthday. Her parents got her a cake to smash in her face and do whatever else she thought she should do with it. Well let me just say she has more manners than to smash a whole piece of cake in her face. She just kept getting little bits of the frosting and ate it. Eventually it did get all over her face and arms but it took quite some time. She thought it was good. She kept going "mmmm" and giving this cute little smile. 

That's it for today really. Nothing too exciting happened. New episodes of my shows are airing this week(that's partly why I am so late on this post.that and watching dear john-i love that movie.makes me cry every time).I really have too many shows and it gets hard to follow but I am addicted to alot of them.If fox,fx,abc,abc family,or history channel ever go off I might have a heart attack. Well I would be sad at least. Okay well goodbye all! Maybe I will get in a post earlier tomorrow. Hahaha.

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