Friday, January 6, 2012 country

Not just the music but the place. I realize I don't live in the boonies like a lot of true country folk but I do not live in town by any means. There are cows across the road from me. However, we are fortunate to live on a paved road. But still being able to look up into the sky at night and see all the stars. Or on a night like tonight where the clouds are just these little puffs that remind me of flowers in a field and the moon has this eerie ring around it. It's just nice. Then there is the beauty of being able to stand in the backyard and just look towards town and seeing all the lights and the grain elevator all lit up and the slight purple tint that the lights give to the sky it's just pretty and peaceful. When I was little I was always scared of the animals, like the coyotes and possoms(even though I'm still not a fan of them). But i love hearing the lonesome howls of the coyotes and then the dogs start to pitch in. Not ours usually but the ones down the road and it just makes me smile. These will be things I miss when I move out. I'm keeping this post short tonight because I'm really into this book and I want to finish it tonight but I have pictures tonight!yay me for almost being on top of things!!

sorry my camera didnt want to stay still

creepy backyard

the moon

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