Sunday, January 1, 2012 the end of something old

As 2011 comes to pass I reflected a little on the things that happened throughout the year.Alot went on.I changed from a 4 year college to a small 2 year college. I worked as an RA over the summer for high school kids. I fell in love. I got my heart broken. I've been disappointed. I worked my butt off for a class...and made an A. I changed my mind. Like a million different times. I've made plans and then replaced them with new ones. I have had good news, great news, and bad news. I gained a niece that I adore. I made new friends, said goodbye to some, and made some great memories with the ones I still have. I found a new hobby. I've found out who (and what) really matters to me most.
I made a new plan that I'm going to stick to. I know I can do it.

Some new years resolutions:
Take better care of myself: That means losing the weight I gained from my thyroid problems. Taking my medicine(on time everyday). Getting into a better sleep schedule(I know I'm getting off on the wrong foot since this was posted a little later than I thought I would do this). Taking vitamins (so I dont get sick this spring).
Doing everything I can to make my plans a reality(getting a home with my friend and going back to a 4 year college and FINISH with a bachelors)
Take a picture a day.And maybe doing some photo shoots for some people.
Take life a day at a time. Have FUN!

My first attempt at shooting the moon with my new camera.I even got a star in there.

this post is meant for jan 1st.sorry its late.

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