Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...in jello?

yep you heard me just right.i said jello.thats because i made jello tonight.not just any kind of jello though....strawberry daiquiri flavored jello.its epic.this is my first time making jello so i had to photograph this moment in my life to later look back on and laugh that i was 20 years old and have never made jello.haha

so i started out with the packet.yea we found strawberry daiquiri and margarita jello mixes...at walmart!they also have pina colada flavored jello but they were sold out.these are limited time only flavors and i will be sad to see them leave.

i had to boil the water.i hate boiling water.it takes forever but that is probably because i check it like every 5 seconds.a watched pot never boils...i hate that saying.because it is so true.

the powder.i took a little lick of it...not so good.

it is in the pan!!yay i made it this far without any problems.however this is where everything went downhill.i read the instructions and they said to cool for 4 hours in the fridge.but i thought oh i could cut that in half by putting it in the freezer.so i did.and this is what i got:

yea its frozen.it kind of looked like mold at first and i just didnt understand how it could get mold on it and then i touched it and it didnt even jiggle :(
however it was easier to cut into chunks and put in a different container.

well that was my jello experience.

 this is the jello project i want to do for the fourth of july (red and blue jello cubes with the white jello around it). i wont freeze it when i make it though.haha

have a great night/day everyone!

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