Monday, January 9, 2012 having nothing to say

i dont have alot to write today.i forgot what i was wanting to write about so my mind is kind of blank.

Just finished watching the bcs national title game.alabama won if you didnt already wasn't "the game of the century" just so everyone knows. it started out with field goal after field goal. this was kind of like the first game except lsu didnt score at all.and there was an actual touchdown!

so tonight since i dont have much i will post a youtube video and a picture to hopefully makeup for my lack of words.

my favorite song at this moment in to love luke bryan:

since i wore a hat today i decided to put it on wrangler to see what he would do with it.well here is the adorable picture that i got tonight

isn't he adorable???he ran off with it after i took these pictures.needless to say i ran to get it back since it is my favorite hat.

well night everyone!

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