Saturday, January 7, 2012 friends and family

I can't talk today so i probably cant type as well. so be warned. oh and i wont be using caps tonight either. if this bothers you stop reading now.

well today was a really great day. it was my nieces first birthday party that all the family and friends could come and celebrate. she loves balloons. like the shiny ones that you can see your reflection in. they start with an m but i've never really known what they are called. i just ask for the number or that balloon right there but in so and so color. back to the party though. she just had a good time. the smash cake only got slightly smashed.
<<cake   |  pretty smile>>

tonight i had dinner with my future roommate. we are looking for houses and we found a potential one tonight so we are both pretty excited. we just had a good time and had a good chat over some amazing mexican food (have i mentioned that is my favorite food....EVER! i seriously think i could eat mexican food every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. that is love right there.haha) 

then i went to the casino with my parents.i didnt win or lose so that was good but the highlight of my night was getting a call from my best friend who lives in another town and she is just being all silly and stuff and then i finally figure out she is drunk. she is so funny when she is drunk. but needless to say i've been called twice and i have now turned my phone on silent so if she calls later and im asleep it will go straight to voicemail (then she will leave me one and we can have some good laughs on thursday when i go visit her.haha).

Well wrangler is pawing at my back telling me it's time for night ya'll.

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