Monday, January 2, 2012 happiness and happy thoughts

Today we had the joy of having my niece come over for a little while her parents went shopping for her birthday which is in 2 days. She is such a funny girl. She played with bubbles for awhile and chased Wrangler(my cavalier, pictured below) around. When she is in a great mood it is such a wonderful thing to be around. She just talks in her little baby talk(she knows words too).

Now on to this thing. He is spoiled rotten. I got him back in October from a rescue. He is a purebred cavalier king charles spaniel. He has everything he could ever want now. So you think he would be the best dog ever right? WRONG. This pup would stay outside and walk the fence line and play with the cat ALL DAY LONG if I would let him. He will not come in when I holler for him. But still, its little things like looking at me with that adorable face and resting his head on a squeaky toy or sock that he has been chewing on. But this picture here: he looks so old and wise. And thoughtful. I wonder what he is thinking about. Hopefully not thinking of his next troublesome deed. Silly puppy.

Oh and OSU won the fiesta bowl.Orange Power.

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