Sunday, January 8, 2012 pocket change

Tonight I asked my parents for a quarter so i could get some gum from the gumball machine (yes i am 20 yrs old and i still eat dinner with my parents and get should see me with a coloring book) and neither of them had a quarter and i was content on not getting a gumball however the guy that was taking our money at the cash register (of course we know him sort of) got in the register and handed me a quarter. it was so unexpected and i was slightly in shock but i thanked him and took it to the gumball machine and stuck it in. i hoped that it wasn't a purple or blue (since those colors are nasty tasting and turn your mouth colors) and out comes a pink (which is my favorite) it was like that was my lucky quarter. that quarter was so nicely given to me and then it gave me my favorite flavor. coincidence? maybe

but now im looking at my little stash of money that im trying to collect so i have enough for a deposit on a house. and im just looking at all the loose coins. what to do with them. they can do so much yet so little at the same time. i keep thinking of that commercial where you can feed a starving child for 50 cents a day (i would rather volunteer somewhere local than give my money to something like this because i dont trust some of the people that put these on.if they have enough money to air that commercial so many times a day why aren't they using that money to feed the starving children?what about the starving people in america?can we not focus on our own country for once?sorry i have issues on that topic). i could feed a kid for at least a week. but there is that selfish side (that everyone has so don't tell me im extremely selfish for thinking this) that says your car needs to get washed this week before you leave to visit your friend. see what i mean that it can do alot or a little? that kid will be full for a week and my car will be clean for a couple of days (until i come home and the dirt gets all over it again). 

aren't we all pocket change in a way though? in big numbers we can do alot but just one person, well they would have to be like a gold dollar to actually get noticed. but even the president has his pocket full of coins that help him out.

dont mind the hair in this i said its falling out like crazy and i didnt realize it was in the picture till i got it on the computer.

it also aggravates me that the penny is bigger than the dime and it costs the least.and the dime is more than the nickel but still the smallest.

well that is it for tonight.i know it was kind of random but thats been my mood today.

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